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Sacred 3 First Edition

Sacred 3 First Edition on PC

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2_5 Star Rating
Sacred 3 First Edition gets 2.5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

Sacred 3 First Edition

Brand: Unknown

Available on PC

List Price: £49.99

Price Range: £2.13 - £2.13

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    Rating Comments
    5 Star Rating Five Stars
    By: peter whitfield, on August 31, 2018

    "Just right.

    5 Star Rating game
    By: John Simon, on May 7, 2017

    4 Star Rating Four Stars
    By: Mr M., on February 7, 2017

    3 Star Rating It is what it is.
    By: matt king, on June 20, 2015

    "Ok so I'd read this was dreadful,so I didn't buy it until i found a copy for ?4. I've played the first few levels and you know what,it's ok for what it is and it's pretty much what I expected.
    It's a simplistic button basher,nothing more nothing less. It's not super amazing graphically, the voice overs are obviously meant to be more amusing than they actually are. It's repetetive and it's all been done before.
    It's a bit of a shame because the core elements are there. It's not...

    4 Star Rating NOT A BAD GAME!!!!!!
    By: Xx-Leanne-xX, on January 19, 2015

    1 Star Rating Not what you expect from a Sacred-game
    By: jaX, on October 8, 2014

    "Let me start off by saying that I was - and still am - a big Sacred-fan. I invested tons of hours on the prequels and enjoyed them thoroughly - first one more than the 2nd in fact. This, however, is what I would call an abomination. This watered-down, half-done, over-hyped and just simply unoriginal masterpiece of a pile of dung. This game has very little - if not nothing - to do with the Sacred-franchise and frankly I don't consider it to be one whatsoever. They removed everything the fans...

    4 Star Rating Really not so bad
    By: J. Morgan, on August 19, 2014

    "If you go into the game expecting Sacred 2 , then you will be very disapointed. Sacred 3 boils everything down to action. There is nothing that requires pausing mid level to change gear etc. and slow things down.

    The game has a world map from which you select appropriate levels , these are divided into plot levels and side quest type levels.
    Each character has access to a number of talentst and as you progress through the plot a variety of weapons. Gold which is the only thing...

    1 Star Rating A weak and annoying offering
    By: Ben Alchin, on August 6, 2014

    "Okay so firstly don't let the game title fool you. This is most definitely not a Sacred game, just a blatant play on the title to lure in old fans.

    This is a completely different style of game in a totally different genre of game.

    Gone is the freedom to make any choices about your character.
    Gone is the freedom to make any meaningful choices about your playstyle.
    Gone is the freedom to make any choices about armour.
    Gone is the freedom to make any meaningful...

    1 Star Rating Not the Sacred you know and love
    By: Rosalie_M, on August 2, 2014

    "If you were expecting an updated and expanded version of Sacred 2 then you will be sorely disappointed, this is a arcade style co-op dungeon crawler with only 15 levels (according to other reviewers) ,with no loot,no character customization and appauling voice acting that tries to be funny but is just embarrassing (the announcer said "sexy" and "babycakes" after doing a combo, im seriously not joking).
    This should have been an Xbox Live Arcade game at the very least. also...

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