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FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition

FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 3

From June 26th pre order the FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition and receive 24 FUT gold packs to build your dream club in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.Gold Packs are the most coveted packages available

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3 Star Rating
FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition gets 3 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition

Brand: Electronic Arts

Electronic ArtsAvailable on PlayStation 3

List Price: £59.99

Price Range: £31.02 - £31.02

from 1 retailers

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From June 26th pre order the FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition and receive 24 FUT gold packs to build your dream club in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.Gold Packs are the most coveted packages available in Ultimate Team consisting of the ...

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  • From June 26th pre order the FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition and receive 24 FUT gold packs to build your dream club in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team.Gold Packs are the most coveted packages available in Ultimate Team consisting of the .......from Gameseek
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    5 Star Rating Excellent game
    By: Scuba, on November 26, 2014

    "Arrived on launch day. The benefit of the Ultimate team edition is you get a free gold pack every week for 12 months.

    The game itself looks glorious and plays very good too. Not a huge amount has changed with the gameplay, a few subtle tweaks here and there but a lot of the attention has been put on the visuals, additional realistic stadiums and players added, certainly in the premier league. Famous crowd chants also can be heard at most games and seem to kick in if you are...

    5 Star Rating I think this game is fantastic..
    By: tattooedwarrior, on September 27, 2014

    1 Star Rating The WORST Fifa game to date!
    By: michael, on July 17, 2014

    "By far the worst Fifa I have ever played! Even worst than Fifa 2007.... and that's saying something. Where the hell do I start.

    Game play- The Game play is slow and frustratingly sluggish. Players take an age to pass, shoot and the touches are terrible. Even top players struggle to control the ball. I find it impossible to run past/go around players, and as a result, there is no excitement or skill involved when playing the game. Goalkeepers no longer come out automatically to gather...

    1 Star Rating EA are stelling from you. WARNING do not buy this game!!!!!!!!
    By: The Copy Ninja, on June 10, 2014

    "Why didnt i read the reviews before i purchased this absolute rip off. Fifa14 is going straight to the exchange shop tomorrow. Graphics look no better than my PS3 copy of Fifa13, and possibly the two most socialable, interactive and important game modes have been completley removed. Why? Laziness is my best guess. EA made a statment about dropping Tournement Mode and the Creation Centre saying they spent the time working on improving other areas of the game. So far the only improvment I see is a...

    1 Star Rating Should have wrote this a long time ago...
    By: Liam Ireland, on March 7, 2014

    "I've owned every FIFA from 2004 and I think my patience has run out. I am mostly an online seasons player and so this review is based on the gameplay. Ok so yes the graphics have improved but they don't compensate for the awful gameplay. The first thing that bothers me is the severe increase in the frequency of offsides. The AI of the players comes into this, it would appear they don't seem to read where the line of defence is and more often than not stray behind this line. It would also seem...

    5 Star Rating All non Fifa fans.. Buy this now!
    By: Mr. J. Williams "J Willi", on January 13, 2014

    "Recent Pes player, however due to upgrading to PS4 and only Fifa being available, I thought I would give it a try.

    It's amazing how far Fifa has come since I tried Fifa 09. No longer can you just play through balls and be 1-1 with the keeper all the time which made it too easy and you always scored the same type of goals. You can pass the ball around and build up play and when you score it feels rewarding, just like old Pes did.

    The graphics are excellent and career mode...

    2 Star Rating No Tournament Mode, No Seasons
    By: Mr N D Daley, on January 9, 2014

    "I am a long time Fifa player I have been playing this game since its first incarnation on the megadrive in 95, I played it on PC, I even played it when the whole world was Pro Evolution Soccer mad. I purchased this game via the Amazon upgrade program (great move Amazon thumbs up to you), I expected this to be a exact rehash of the PS3 game with better graphics, however it's not. The game doesn't feature a Tounament mode which means I can't play a league, or a FA cup tournament by myself. I dont...

    4 Star Rating My son loves it and found a way to redeeming code
    By: Beardy Slaphead, on October 5, 2013

    1 Star Rating Bonus Points expired on 31/05/13
    By: gk usher, on June 12, 2013

    3 Star Rating Dissapointing
    By: Alex Harris, on April 8, 2013

    "Their are too many glitches and errors in this game, and they occur too often, the EA servers are terrible and will disconnect at least twice whilst playing the game.

    5 Star Rating Amazing Game
    By: Lee, on April 2, 2013

    "This is a good game kept me busy for a long time and still keeps me busy. Delivery time wasn`t bad arrived 2 days early and the 22 gold packs got me of to a good start on ultimate team. This is a good product and i would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys football games.

    5 Star Rating Brilliant
    By: Mr. T. A. Nightingale, on February 11, 2013

    "Fantastic Value for money especially as you normally have to pay £17 for 2000 Microsoft points for enough fifa points to buy 22 gold packs if your interested in playing ultimate team this is for you

    1 Star Rating Why not release a game that works...
    By: nitnot, on November 19, 2012

    "Ok so the game itself is good, perhaps even great. You can read that anywhere.

    The problem is EA's terrible attitude to getting it finished before releasing it. I pre-ordered the game and have had near constant problems with it of one form or another. At the moment it is disconnecting from the EA servers at the start of around 70-80% of the FUT single player games. The customer service is appalling, with some unfortunate guys who don't seem to have any real knowledge of the product...

    1 Star Rating Game is awesome, Hardened is not
    By: Adam, on November 14, 2012

    "I purchased the hardened edition mainly because of the Nuketown Zombies map exclusive.

    1 day before release, I find out that I could have purchased the normal game and just paid £30 for the season pass and get the Nuketown Zombies included.

    Now I have paid £70 and need to buy the £30 season pass for DLC, when I could have paid £40 and then buy the season pass.

    All in all, if you buy the Hardened Edition, you are paying £20 for avatar items and a sountrack... and...

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